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I emailed you!
by Anonymous

Thank you. I saw it this morning. I will read it shortly. Meanwhile, have you thought about checking with MUFON to see if there have been any similar reports in your area about the time you and your friend had your encounter/experience? 

It would be funny to see aliens today revealing themselves today out of all days just to rub it in people's faces their real as a easter shocker
by Anonymous

like i said before, let’s all just pray to the gene roddenberry that star trek canon becomes real and the vulcans make first contact with us on april 5 2063 

have you seen the movie under the skin?
by Anonymous

I haven’t yet. Heard great things though

If you'd like, I can come off anon and we can talk! I'm just honestly terrified and I know it's aliens. Before this happened to us, I never really thought much of them and they seem to be taking over our life. What could they possibly want from us? It's so weird, everytime we see them they come straight towards us and get closer and we fucking lose it. They go from miles and miles away in the sky to right above our head to where we can see he details in the space crafts.
by Anonymous

Or you can share more here if you want input from more than one person

I need your help. Please. My friend and I over the last couple of months have been being chased by UFOs. Seeing as your a ufo blog, I don't need to explain how bizarre it is. It happened once in the summer, once a few weeks ago, and on Easter the other day. They seem to always find us when were outside together and they ALWAYS come toward us. Any ideas or anything you could tell me? Your thoughts on it? We are VERY very afraid and we KNOW what we saw. We're scared the next step is abduction.
by Anonymous

You’re not crazy. You’re having an experience that is terrifying and it can’t be explained. You can contact me via if you want to discuss this more. 

by lotzoflust


I saw one in the daytime whch is weird I think it actually ws my first one I ever saw it was light gray and based off of my eyesight it was circular I saw it twice on the same day wow what a plane if it even was one
by Anonymous

Do you have kik messenger? I have a photo I'd like you to look at please.
by marktime17

nope and there’re several people running this blog

lol more like aliens invented yaoi since aliens invented anime
by Anonymous

The reptilians are the demons and fallen angels it describes their nature so excpt to see them in the nnew world order
by Anonymous

hahaha I see someone made a joke on the grays and this is funny lolololol do they like yaoi
by Anonymous

they fucking love it

r gay aliens called gayliens
by Anonymous

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